Cisco QoS Deployment Strategies with LiveAction

An Informational Webinar with Clark Zoeller

Friday, December 13, 2013

Clark Zoeller
Sales Engineer
CCIE #13760
ActionPacked Networks

Topics Covered in this Section

  • Learn how to plan Cisco QoS deployment using LiveAction
    • Classify traffic with NBAR and ACLs
    • Discover application usage on your network
  • See how LiveAction can save time implementing Cisco QoS
  • Validate Cisco QoS polices performance with LiveAction
  • Understand capacity and bandwidth management techniques using LiveAction

Cisco Quality of Service (QoS) Resources

The following are links to resources for Cisco Wireless AVC.

Cisco Support—HTML
Cisco Design Zone—HTML
Cisco TelePresence Network Systems 2.0 Design Guide—HTML
Cisco Design Zone for IPv6: Design Guides—HTML
Cisco Medianet Metadata—HTML

Additional Resources for LiveAction

LiveAction Free Trial Download—Link
LiveAction Software Overview—Link
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About the Presenters

Clark Zoeller is ActionPacked Networks' resident CCIE, with 15 years of network engineering and consulting experience. Clark is a veteran Enterprise Unified Communications engineer specializing in voice and video deployment, and possesses a deep knowledge and experience with QoS technologies.

LiveAction: Application-aware Network Performance Management and QoS Control Software

LiveAction is a sophisticated network performance management and QoS control tool that enables you to optimize end-user experience and business application delivery by effectively managing your application-aware network performance.  LiveAction visually controls your enterprise networks by simplifying the complexity of monitoring, analyzing, and configuring technology areas such as: QoS, LAN Switching, NetFlow, FnF, NBAR2, Medianet, AVC, PfR, Routing, and IP SLA. The latest LiveAction 3.0 release provides improved scalability and guided workflows to quickly resolve business critical performance issues in your WAN, SaaS and cloud application, MPLS or DMVPN links, converged wired and wireless connections, and video, VoIP, and BYOD devices.

Download a free trial here.

About ActionPacked Networks

ActionPacked Networks is the leader in application-aware network performance management (ANPM) and quality-of-service (QoS) software for implementing VoIP, Telepresence, Unified Communications, Collaboration, Borderless Networks, and other business critical services. The company’s LiveAction software increases network service quality and shortens outages by providing true understanding and precise control using rich visualizations and direct device interaction. LiveAction is a sophisticated network performance management tool that helps simplify the complexity of monitoring, analyzing, and configuring technology areas such as: QoS, NetFlow, IP SLA, Medianet, AVC, ACLs, PfR, Routing and PBR, switching and spanning tree.